Miss the debate? Watch it right here

Trump boasts at debate that he did ‘good job’ on birther issueWho made the best impression at the first presidential debate? Decide for yourself, then watch Yahoo News analysis.

Fact-checking the first presidential debate

APBoth Trump and Clinton denied making statements that they are on the record as saying.

The tragic final night of Fernandez's life

Jose Fernandez (Getty Images)The Miami Marlins' star pitcher wanted to take a boat ride because he was upset and just wanted to get away.

Trump: I was tempted to bring up sex scandals

(Getty Images)GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump says he held back on his final attack of Monday's debate with Hillary Clinton.

Lester Holt calls out Trump on stop and frisk

Moderator Lester Holt during the presidential debate at Hofstra University. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)The debate moderator pointed out that the policy was ruled unconstitutional when the GOP nominee reiterated his support.

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